Going through the Training Institute gave me a deeper understanding of dance and what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 21-24). The focus was not only on dance, because several topics were handled. It was truly a awesome experience; no it was more than that. It was an investment, an equipment led by Gods Spirit.I was amazed at the unity of the Eagles. During the year we would encourage each other, pray for and with each other. Meeting the other Eagles was a blessing. I met wonderful and powerful sisters in the Lord. Together we will keep soaring in Him.

I am so grateful to God for given us a mentor and coach like Pastor Pamela. She is truly a Mother Eagle, who looks after her children.Since the Institute God is just placing assignments in my spirit. And now I am more determined than ever to reach my destiny in Christ. I have sowed, now I see the fruits of it. Thank You Jesus, I love You.

Eagle Gaditcha, Holland, Class of 2006

The Institute made me realize the strengths that God has blessed me with. and gave me more strength and insight to use them.

Eagle Cassandra Daniels, Class of 2006

As a student of the Gathering of the Eagle Training Institute, It was more than I ever expected. I enrolled in the Institute just in time. I was going through some hard times in my previous ministry, but with some encouraging words from Dr. Pamela, I kept preparing for what God had for me when I could not see my way. Four months after enrolling, God sent me to a place of worship that was looking for a Dance leader. That was God! I gained so much insight from the Word of God concerning the Dance and Ministry. The year course equipped me for the task to spread God word most effectively through the dance. It also better defined me as a leader and minister of the dance. I now stand boldly and more confident than ever that this is truly a calling of God and the ministry must be shared with other dancers and ministries to bring forth a more excellent message of the Gospel. Since graduation, my Pastor has charged me to become a licensed minister of the church to compliment my Dance Ministry License so that there will be no hindrance when he sends me out to minister through the dance or preach the Word of God. There is much work to be done in the Kingdom and we must Mount Up and Fly High.
Eagle Sandra Robinson, Class of 2006

Pastor Pamela,
The Gathering of the Eagles Training Institute International is truly a God-send; ordained by Almighty God. It was a privilege to be able to attend this past year. I feel that I am now more equipped to go forth in ministry because of the deposits that have been made. Having an understanding based on the Word of God is so important and I can truly say that the eyes of my understanding have been enlightened. I encourage all who have been called to the Ministry of Dance; if you desire to go higher in your calling I implore you to allow the Lord to stretch you, taking you to the next level in him and therefore in your ministry. If you decide that it is time for you to go to that next level as you take that step of faith, I know, that I know, that I know…..”But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” God Almighty, through this program will cause you to mount up and SOAR! Pastor Pamela I thank the Lord for you and for your ministry; for your obedience unto Him.

Eagle Dionne Maloney, Class of 2006

I made it! It was very intense at times, but God wouldn’t let me give up. The Institute has made me more knowledgeable about the ministry of dance from the Word of God. I am glad I finished and endured until the end.

Eagle Renee Gray, Class of 2006

My personally praise report is two-fold: The overall experience of the Eagles’ Institute has impacted my life in such a way that I am being stretched beyond my imagination to stand and proclaim His word. There has been those that questioned the validity of my license…God confirmed that “I am His Eagle- Go forth!” The prophetic word or should I say the seer anointing in me has multiplied, to the glory of God, Thank you for your obedience and impartation.

Eagle Marcia Brunson, Class of 2006