Prophetic Dance

Prophetic movements are the movements of God. They are the movements that come from His heart, from His throne – movements that begin in the Spirit realm that God releases to us here on earth to accomplish His purposes. God is calling a people who will know the times and the seasons and know what to do. Rev. 19:10 says the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. He is calling a prophetic people, who will hear Him, speak His words and demonstrate His purposes.

Prophetic ministry is the heart of God revealed to us, revealed through us. We are called to be prophetic enactments of the Holy Spirit; called to be visual demonstrations of what God is saying and doing. God has dances from heaven that He wants to dance through us to bring change and meet the needs of people. These dances are Spirit to Spirit. When we allow God’s movements to flow through us, we will see signs follow. We will see people healed, delivered and set free by His power. We will see people brought into a new dimension in Christ. As the physical becomes an extension of the spiritual, God’s power is released in the earth upon the hearts of men. Healing, deliverance, prosperity, peace, joy and all that we need to live abundant lives has already been established in heaven. I believe we can reach up into the heavens and by faith pull down those things that God has provided for us.

Amos 9:11 and Acts 15:16 tells us that the restoration of the Tabernacle of David is so that we might possess the remnant. The word possess is the Hebrew word yaresh. It literally means to occupy by driving out the previous tenants. In other words, we can declare God’s healing where there is sickness. We can declare God’s deliverance where there is bondage. We do this by the spoken word of God. Jesus said, “My words are spirit and they are life”. His word never returns void of that which He purposes. We do this by lifting our voices in praise to God. We do this by using our hands to smite. Clapping our hands is associated with praise but also with smiting the enemy. God told the prophet Ezekiel to smite with his hands and stamp with his feet. This was a sign of God’s judgement against His enemies. Our feet represent authority. He has given us every piece of ground the soles of our feet tread upon. Luke chapter 10 says we trample on serpents and scorpions and on all the power of the enemy and nothing shall harm us. According to Psalm 18, God has given us the necks of our enemies. These become prophetic movements of the body as we yield to Him.

Dance in the church today is a fulfillment of prophecy. Jer. 31:13 says that in the last days the virgin shall rejoice in the dance. The word virgin in this scripture is the word bride. We are preparing ourselves to be His bride. Rev. 19:7 says let us rejoice and be glad, for the marriage supper of the lamb has come and the bride has made herself ready. In these last days, we will see God rebuilding His church, preparing His bride.

In the book of Exodus, God miraculously delivered the children of Israel from many years in bondage to Pharaoh. He brought them through the Red Sea. This represents the fact that we have been delivered from sin, death, hell, sickness and the grave itself. We have been brought through the blood of Jesus. Miriam the Prophetess led the women in the dance. It was a custom in those days for the closest female relative to meet and to greet a returning victor after a battle. Miriam was the closest female relative to Moses and we are the closest female relative to Jesus. He is our returning victor. He has won the victory and we demonstrate His authority in the earth.

The Feast of Tabernacles, the Feast of His coming, was a main event associated with dance in Israel. As His return gets closer, we will dance more and more. We will say to God, we are your bride. We know you are the victor and we are making ourselves ready. Our dancing says to the world, He is coming – get ready. Our dancing says to the enemy, your time is short. Our dancing says to each other, see the vision, have faith.

As we testify to one another of the goodness and provision of God, we yield to the Spirit of prophecy, for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.