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Dancing In Gods Portal



Dancing In God’s Portal

The latest Dance Instructional DVD by Dr. Pamela Hardy.  





Set Free to Dance Instructional

Join Dr. Pamela as she leads you through dance techniques that will assist in strengthening your body for the dances of the Kingdom. Includes ballet barre exercises, center warm-up, floor stretches, and more that can be done at home or with your dance ministry team!





Celebrate Jesus Instructional

This DVD includes dances of worship by Dr. Pamela, including dances you can learn.





Choreography-The Basics: Bringing Your Dance to Life

This teaching DVD takes place in a choreography workshop. You will learn basic principles of how to add vocabulary to your dance language.





Worshippers As Gatekeepers

This DVD was captured in a session at a women’s conference. You will learn how to become a gatekeeper in the spirit to protect you family, your city and your nation.


propheticdancedvd N



Prophetic Movement, Dance, Banners, and Instruments

Go with Dr. Pamela to a 3-hour prophetic class and learn along with the students at the Fire School of the Prophetic how to flow prophetically, how to activate the prophetic and how to listen with a prophetic ear.


letthenationsrejoice N



Let the Nations Rejoice! (DVD)

Accompanying DVD to the Let the Nations Rejoice: An Invitation to Dance book, written by Dr. Pamela.



Power Prayers For Couples N



Power Prayers For Couples

Power Prayers to cover and bless your marriage and family.

Spirit Of Chayil N



The Spirit of Chayil

Discover the power God has placed on you. Be encouraged, empowered and motivated to rule your world and change your destiny.

Citizens Of The Kingdom



Citizens of the Kingdom

This 2 set CD was taped at Christian House of Prayer (CHOP) in Texas. This life changing teaching on the Kingdom of God will change your mind-set from “average Christian” to Kingdom Citizen! It’s about time!

Contending For The Blessing



Contending for the Blessing

Recorded in Nassau, Bahamas, this teaching will speak to your heart to encourage you not to give up until you possess all that God has promised you!

Developing A Kingdom Mindset To Prosper



Developing a Kingdom Mindset to Prosper

God is calling us to change the way we operate in the earth realm. Recorded in Erie, Pennsylvania, this CD will challenge you to see wealth from God’s perspective.

Keys parts 1 and 2



Keys of the Kingdom (Parts 1 and 2)
Matthew 16:19 states, “God has given us the keys of the Kingdom”. Let us learn to use them so we can unlock the Kingdom of God in the earth.

Releasing Your Potential



Releasing Your Potential

This CD, recorded in Chicago, will speak to who God created you to be. Do not let your gifts lie dormant. Discover how to release the potential God has placed on the inside of you.

The King The Keys The Kingdom



The Keys, the King, and the Kingdom

Recorded in Anchorage, Alaska, this CD will teach you about the authority you have in the name of Jesus to use the keys of the Kingdom to bind and to loose!

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To Dance or Not to Dance

Taped in Minnesota, this teaching CD will take you through a scriptural look at dance in the Word of God.

wordsoflifecd N



Words of Life

Prayers and Blessings recorded for Daughters of the King.





LaDanza – Spanish

A new book by Dr. Pamela Hardy.

Unlocking Your Prophetic Destiny Book Cover



Unlocking Your Prophetic Destiny

Dr. Pamela Hardy’s newest book.

Dance The Higher Call



Dance – The Higher Call

Dr. Pamela Hardy’s latest book.

Every Knee Shall Bow N



Every Knee Shall Bow

A Literary Treasury for the Advancement of the Arts.

Act Now Devotional Journal N



ACT NOW! 31 Nuggets to Activate, Cultivate and Transform Your World.

ACT NOW! is a daily devotional that will radically shift your thinking and propel you into new dimensions.

letthenationsrejoice N1



Let the Nations REJOICE: An Invitation to Dance!

“Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice! Tell all the nations, ‘The Lord reigns!'” Journey with Dr. Pamela as she travels and ministers to the nations. This book will serve as a great prayer guide and resource to those who are called to go to the nations, as well as a reference tool to those who are called to minister through dance.


Freedom War Sticks


Freedom Force Warfare Sticks

$14 Per Set Plus Shipping.