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Hello everyone! 

The year 2013 has started off with three amazing international trips! This year, I have more international trips in one year than ever. I think God’s eyes are on the nations!  

In March, I was blessed to go to Korea for the first time. I was afraid I was not going to be able to go. I found out two days prior to my departure date that the ticket had been cancelled. The airline stated they sent a confirmation email to Korea but received no response. So they cancelled the ticket.  

I panicked and called my contact at 3:00 AM Korean time. She said, “Call back in ten minutes.” I called American Airlines back and was told that the only way I could get there was to pay $13,000!  Right! I didn't like that answer, called again and was told that I could get there, if I changed airports in Tokyo. OMG! I called my contact back and she had worked it out online. My flight schedule changed but at least I would get there. Wow! God is more than amazing! More than wonderful!  

Where do I start? Korean first trip on that airline. I left Friday morning and arrived Saturday evening. The flight attendants are so beautiful and you begin to experience Korean culture immediately. Their kindness and service are a lesson much needed throughout the world! Delicious food! “Bibimbap” was my first taste of Korean food. The name means “mixed”. So you mix, in a bowl, rice and other foods I did not recognize, and top it off with hot pepper sauce. Sooooo good! Soup-delicious! Tea-delicious! Everything- delicious! 

The staff was kind enough to fly me there in business class. Ahhhh the life! Business class makes long international trips sooooo much better and easier. Upon arrival, I was picked up in what I later found out was the most expensive car in Korea. The car was given to the Pastor as a gift from a church member.  I was taken to the club floor of the Lotte World hotel which is a five star hotel.  Nice! The club lounge provided breakfast, lunch and dinner at no charge. Perfect. I must have been very tired: I slept 15 hours!    Seoul City is filled with high rise buildings, all the same off-white color.    

The toilet seat was heated and it squirted water to clean you. Interesting! The bed was very comfortable. I really enjoyed watching International Cable News Network (CNN). It makes you feel somewhat connected to the rest of the world and gets you out of the bubble of the western world. 

My first service was on Sunday night. I met the Pastors of the church. I ministered on "Throne Room" worship with movement activation. I found out that the Pastor LOVES movement activation! The more, the better.    On Monday, we traveled another hour up into the snow covered mountains. It was freezing! I went to teach at the Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI), founded by Dr. Peter Wagner. They have camp grounds with a dormitory, a cafeteria and a meeting hall. They also have a three story house which provides very nice living quarters. Apostle Veronica Smith accompanied me and we stayed on the top floor.  

Korean people always go out of their way to serve you and make you feel at home. The WLI classes began Monday night, all day Tuesday and Wednesday, and half of the day on Thursday. There were 8 sessions in all. I found out that the Pastor wanted movement activation in each class! Whew! I worked hard but I had soooo much fun. The people were willing and wanted to learn. They worshipped freely.  Three ladies want to sign up for EITI and 40 ladies signed up for Chayil Women International! 

I have never met so many happy, smiling people. One day, I smiled so much, my jaws got tired.
I ate new foods and met new friends in Christ. Priceless! We went back to Seoul City on Thursday afternoon. Friday was to be my day off but the Pastor wanted me to minister at his church. "Are we going to dance?" he asked. Of course! Earlier that day I heard about the desire of North Korea to do pre-emptive nuclear strikes against the US and South Korea. So we did prophetic demonstration and movement activation to 2 Chronicles 20 where Jehoshaphat defeated Moab, Ammon and a vast army that came to war against him. I think they got it! 

Over the course of my stay, I discovered that the Pastor is a true worshipper who has written 200 songs. So his favorite line became, "one more time", meaning sing the song again, sing another song or do the dance again. I love his child-like heart before God.  He told me of how God blessed them to be able to purchase a museum for only 4 million dollars. He took me on a tour of the new museum and outlined his vision for a new sanctuary and training school. He wants me to be involved in starting a dance school on the new property. He also invited me back next February and wants me to stay even longer to minister with the young people.

Three services were held on Saturday. I had prepared for business men, but I found out that most were not business men and .......the Pastor wanted to dance. He requested “HINENI” for the first message; the second message was about “Gatekeepers” along with activation. The third session was in question. Five minutes before it began, the Lord impressed on my heart to do movement activation to the names of God! So we declared His name over our lives and over Korea through movement.  The Pastor said this had been the best WLI gathering since he had been having WLI! Wow! Praise God!    

I saw such US staples as Baskin Robbins, Starbucks and Popeyes! Koreans love to eat! The table would be filled with so many different delicious dishes. When I went shopping I noticed that most things seemed rather expensive. I did go souvenir shopping in a little Korean shop. I found out that the owners are Christians so they blessed me.  


I flew through El Salvador. In the airport, I saw a man in the line with a Chipotle bag. I got so excited until he told me he had brought it from home. LOL.... 

On to Honduras....I was met at the airport by the Pastor, Apostle Lilly, Apostle Patricia and team of Jubilee from Costa Rica. We then traveled one and a half hours to a small town where we stayed in a guest house. It was very nice!  No ants and air conditioning equals very nice! 

Spiritually, I found it to be a hard place. I had been there before with Apostle Chuck Pierce, but this time, we went to a different part of Honduras. My experience was different this time. On this trip, the people seemed somewhat apathetic, perhaps because the weather is so hot that it drains the breath out of you. It made hard conditions for teaching, both spiritually and in the natural.  

Traveling internationally always takes a cultural adjustment. While driving back to the airport, very early in the morning, we were stopped twice by the police. The drivers had to show their ID. I was very glad to get back to United States!  


HAITI Report  

As the plane was landing in Port Au Prince, I could see the devastation from the air. I had to remember a prophetic word I received during prayer for the Haiti trip.... “SEE the possibilities through God’s eyes”.  

The team of 12, led by Rev. Lucie Poirier and her husband Mark, first ministered at orphanage led by her sister. Thirty-five children reside there. Our team of Eagles was wonderful! They taught dance workshops to the children and led them in a Jericho March.  Taking twice a day baths with OFF insect repellant just made me say, "Praise God! I am having another fun adventure with Jesus!"  

The Lord opened the door for us to participate in three nights of an open air crusade in the community. On Thursday night of the open air crusade, Eagles went forth in dance declaring "Our God is Greater," and Pastor Rekesha Pittman preached "He Wants Me to Have It," and prayed for many who were ready to move forward in purpose. On Sunday, the closing night of the crusade, I preached about the “Gospel of the Kingdom” and hundreds received prayer for healing.  

Towards the end of our mission on Saturday, we  were able to spend a day ministering to children through dance workshops and activities. The Lord blessed us to feed over 230 children that day! What an amazing time we had! 

Since Haiti was dedicated to the devil, it is saturated with darkness.  The team said they heard voodoo chants all during the night and the smell of drugs.  The pastor we connected with has been praying a long time for true men and women of God to come. The people of Haiti don't have free education. Many do not get educated because they cannot afford it. His vision is to help the elderly and children and to build a training center.

The people seem to accept things the way they are. The children are not taught to clean up or pick up trash. The electricity goes on and off. The water goes on and off.  The water was never hot.  We always took cold showers. We slept in mosquito nets. Thank God for portable fans!

Pray for the body of Christ in Haiti. There seem to be many religious activities but no sign of Kingdom. They only know what the pastors tell them because many cannot read. The children want to be loved but they are spoken to very harshly by adults. It is a militant society. 
Through the heat, mosquitoes, devastation and poverty, we were able to see people filled with dreams, hopes, faith and vision! We praise God for His beautiful children in Haiti and the opportunity to serve.  

I fell in love with Haiti and her people.  As May approaches, I am scheduled to go to Suriname, Canada and Tortola, BVI. If the Lord is opening doors for you to go into the world, go without fear. Go with His blessing and a heart to serve His people with unconditional love. 

Apostle Dr. Pamela Hardy  


Going through the Training Institute gave me a deeper understanding of dance and what it means to worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 21-24). The focus was not only on dance, because several topics were handled. It was truly a awesome experience; no it was more than that. It was an investment, an equipment led by God's Spirit. I was amazed at the unity of the Eagles. During the year we would encourage each other, pray for and with each other. Meeting the other Eagles was a blessing. I met wonderful and powerful sisters in the Lord. Together we will keep soaring in Him. I am so grateful to God for giving us a mentor and coach like Pastor Pamela. She is truly a Mother Eagles who looks after her children. Since the Institute, God is just placing assignments in my spirit. And now I am more determined than ever to reach my destiny in Christ. I have sowed; now I see the fruits of it. Thank you, Jesus; I love you! -Eagle Apostle Gaditcha L. Olifjveld, EITI 2006 (Holland)


The Gathering of the Eagles Training Institute International is truly a God-send; ordained by Almighty God. It was a privilege to be able to attend this past year. I feel that I am now more equipped to go forth in ministry because of the deposits that have been made. Having an understanding based on the Word of God is so important and I can truly say that the eyes of my understanding have been enlightened. I encourage all who have been called to the Ministry of Dance, if you desire to go higher in your calling, I implore you to allow the Lord to stretch you, taking you to the next level in him and therefore in your ministry.  If you decide that it is time for you to go to that next level as you take that step of faith, I know, that I know, that I know….. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not grow weary, they shall walk and not faint.” God Almighty, through this program will cause you to mount up and SOAR! Pastor Pamela I thank the Lord for you and for your ministry; for your obedience unto Him. -Eagle Dionne Maloney, EITI 2006 


I made it! It was very intense at times, but God wouldn't let me give up. The Institute has made me more knowledgeable about the ministry of dance from the Word of God. I am glad I finished and endured until the end. -Eagle Renee Gray, EITI 2006


Since I have graduated from EITI, God has truly been expanding my horizons and my views of what He has called me to do. God has begun to open doors that have been previously shut in my life.  I have started writing the books and training manuals that He showed me I was supposed to write long ago.  I have enrolled in a School of Theology to get a better understanding of God and what He has called me to do.  I will be starting as a TEN Leader in January in which I will have the opportunity to share what God has blessed me to learn through EITI.  I also have been moving forward with my business plan to open a dance studio/dance store/training facility in Atlanta, GA along with my business partner Eagle Stephanie Jackson '08.  God has given me the keys to the kingdom and I intend on using them fully!  Thank you to Apostle Pamela and her staff for all their encouragement and for showing me that my potential is limitless! -Eagle Tatanya Aker, EITI 2008 


Praise God for the miraculous way we joined with Apostle Pamela and Bishop Chris who introduced this life-changing course to us. When we started out in 2008 the year was full of challenges. Philider’s Mom passed away, our baby was attacked with the H1N1 virus, our finances were attacked, and even our bodies were, but we chose to stand upon His Word. God gave us strength, grace, and favor to complete all our assignments despite not having a computer at home and needing to go to a café to complete the work. Today we look back and can say God has rewarded us! The Summit in 2009 was really a life-changing experience, and God has truly given us double for our trouble!! We raised enough funds to pay our hotel and some other small things, but God sent us with a word in Psalm 121, and we held strong to that!All the teachers and other Eagles we met from the other countries were so kind and loving! We’ve never seen such a variety of different people as one body in Christ! Even at the Summit, God called to challenge us more. He confirmed us as pastors when we returned home. Oh, what a word! We could just see and believe this new thing God was doing in us even while we were in Ohio! We will never look back but move forward stepping into the new! -Eagles Apostles Neil and Philider Oortman, EITI '2009 (South Africa)   



I just wanted to give a praise report from our EITI Summit 2012. I stood up for prayer on the closing Sunday at Glory of Zion. You see, I had replied to so many job postings this year, I began to ask the Lord what is going on during this transition. Well I received prayer on that Sunday and on the way back to Canada, I told the ladies I traveled with, the Lord is saying, He has work of me. I returned to Canada and there was a job interview email and on the Tuesday morning a good friend called to let me know her company had a job opening and sent me all the details. I am thanking God because of His faithfulness. He see the need, He knows the need and He meets every need. One last thing I must say about the Summit, I felt such a sense of peace during thoseawesome days, it was really tangible, this peace which rested over the Summit. - Eagle Carol Smikle, EITI '09 (Canada)



Some of you may remember Rabbi [Yisarael] saying that there was someone who was in the Summit that was dealing with a condition in their body and had not told anyone... Well, after hesitation I made my way to him and he prayed for me... NOTE: I had been dealing with this issue for about four months and the doctors really couldn't tell me what was causing the problem nor did any of the medication help the problem. I began taking pill after pill still clueless! And I was praying that nothing happened to me at Summit... But the healing power of the TRUE & LIVING GOD rested upon me that day...and I am GRATEFUL because I went to the doctor THIS week & GOD gave me a MIRACLE: every number that needed to go up went up and the blood cell count that needed to go down did without the 2nd dosage of medication that I needed to take. My report left the doctor and the nurse speechless and they asked me to take more test just to be sure... BUT I BLESS GOD because not only did I get healed BUT I was made WHOLE in that area!!!  -Eagle Tomeka Smith, EITI '12


I'm still FULL from my breakthrough received Sunday at GOZ! One that I didn't even know I needed! I was sad that I missed most of the Summit, but God still had something special just for me. Love you Eagle Family!    
­-Eagle Kameshia Simmons, EITI '11  





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PRAY for a release of national transformation! PRAY for an open heaven. WAR with unified voices. PIERCE the atmosphere with prophetic shouts and decrees to established God’s purposes for the nations. STAND in unity with each other.

Now saints all across our nation have the amazing honor to continue to stand as, “...the mountain of the LORD’s house will be the highest of all— the most important place on earth. It will be raised above the other hills, and people from all over the world will stream there to worship.” (Isaiah 2:2 NLT)

We believe the Lord is exulting Himself highest of all in our culture, and we are key participants in that. We are ALL called to move out in society as "Agents of Change and Transformation" through RELIGION, EDUCATION, FAMILY, ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT, HEALTHCARE, BUSINESS, GOVERNMENT, AND MEDIA. Don’t allow the enemy to distract you. Be alert, keep your spiritual ears and eyes tuned to what God is saying, and keep interceding. Remember 2 Chronicles 7:14 says, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”


 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me…” Isaiah 61:1 

Dancers, it’s time for us to go to the next level. It’s time for us to grow up in our gifts and callings. It’s time for us to realize that we are not just dancers; we are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is time for us to spend time in the council room of Heaven until we hear from Him. Only then can we be released to dance His dances – dances from Heaven, dances from His throne, dances from His heart, dances that will set the captives free - dances that will bind up the broken hearted and proclaim liberty to the captives.

Dancers, it’s time for us to realize the responsibility we have been given. It is not a time to be idle. It is not a time to be caught up in the cares of this world. It is not a time to be out of place. It is not a time to hold on to secret sins. It is time for us to long for Him, to seek Him with all of our hearts. It is time to see His presence, hear Him, then rise up and go forth to dance His purposes. There is a prophetic generation in the womb of the church – people who will hear from Heaven and declare it in the earth. We as dancers are to be prophetic demonstrations of what our Heavenly Father is saying and doing. We must be those who know the purposes of God for our generation – those who know the times and the seasons and have knowledge of what to do. We must be those who will leave a legacy to the next generation.

Dancers, this is the time when God’s favor is upon us. This is the time when God is visiting His people, putting us in place for His purposes, and preparing and equipping us. This is the time that God is moving in our midst like never before. This is the time when God is bringing His promises to pass. In some of us, God is planting seeds. In others, He is placing His vision for our lives. In many, He is releasing us into DESTINY – His purposes for our lives. Let us pray for strength to bring forth and for strength to walk in the call. 

Dancers, it’s time for a new release of God’s anointing. For those who are hidden in Him, it’s time for new dances-His dances. God is changing things in His house and marking us for His purposes. New winds are blowing in God’s Kingdom. Believe it, receive it. It’s your time!

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Dr. Hardy

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